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Welcome to all Myrtle Beach Vegans, Grand Strand Area Vegans, visiting Vegans, and those who are on their way to making the transition to an animal-free diet and cruelty-free lifestyle. Our website is currently being developed to be a helpful resource for locals and visitors alike to locate vegan-friendly restaurants and activities along the Grand Strand. We will share information, reviews, ideas, recipes, and events related to saving animals, improving health, preserving our Earth, and much more!

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You Can Be The Change In Fighting Global Climate Change

Animal agriculture is a leading cause of global climate change. Becoming Vegan could be the single most effective action that you can do to help reduce green house gas emissions, save clean water, protect the forests, decrease ocean dead zones, and have a huge positive impact on human health.

If just half of the Earth’s population began eating a plant-based diet — the global warming threat would diminish immensely — it would reduce greenhouse gases caused by food production by 70% by 2050.

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